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Cosmic Tan proudly presents our clients with the very latest in premium indoor tanning and skin care technologies.  We provide the perfect mix of state-of-the-art new equipment with a well trained and friendly staff in a clean and relaxing upscale new salon.  We are sure you will enjoy our unique ambiance while receiving the best, most efficient tanning result available anywhere.  Our goal at Cosmic Tan is to satisfy your every expectation. 

All members of our sales team are ‘Smart Tan’ Certified and highly trained to help you achieve the finest, healthiest and longest lasting tan possible.  After determining your skin type, they will recommend a schedule of dosage and exposure times to maximize your tan and minimize any risk of overexposure.

Every tanning unit is thoroughly sanitized after each use and before the next client enters.  A powerful sterilizing formula is used with a fresh laundered towel, each time.  This ensures you will never have to worry about “is the bed clean?”  We guarantee it is and backup this guarantee with our unfailing commitment for perfect performance.

Cosmic Tan is equipped exclusively with new beds and booths produced in the USA by Heartland Tanning Inc.  We are equipped with nine beds and two standing booths.  There are six different power levels offered in our Galaxy Series.  We have beds both with and without facial tanning lamps.

All of our fluorescent lamps are new and of the very latest and best available design.  Brand named “Rave” by Heartland, these lamps are made with ultra-high purity glass, purified by a new patented method, and which produce up to 30 percent more desirable UVA than other conventional UV lamps.  This means more tanning in less time, which means you get a better tan in fewer sessions.  That translates into savings in both time and money for our clients.

We also now offer airbrush tanning by certified technicians. Choose to be as light or dark as you prefer in just moments. This service is by appointment only and a basic pre-prep is recommended.

As a further comfort and relaxation for our customers, Cosmic Tan offers our “AQUA-MASSAGE” bed.  To receive a massage, a client reclines face down on a padded cushion and lowers the canopy.  A water-proof nylon membrane in contact with your back keeps you dry and comfortable.  Warm 90 degree water is pumped from an array of nozzles with pulsating bursts of pressure that travels up and down your back.  A few minutes of this warm soothing sensation is all it takes to relax and relieve any aches and pains of tense and stiff muscles and joints.  Your blood circulation improves, which, also studies have shown leads to better tanning of skin.

We intend that our pricing be competitive.  Given the quality and variety of tanning services we provide, we believe Cosmic Tan offers our customers a real bargain.  We hope you will agree and consider giving us a try.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Better still, stop by and take a tour of our new salon in Danvers.   

Our business hours are subject to change. Please call the salon to confirm our daily hours.

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